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Created in 1975 by the 64th Texas Legislature, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (also referred to as the Commission, PUCT, or PUC) is responsible for the oversight of the electric and telecommunications industries in Texas.

In response to legislative action, the PUC issued order 33672 in 2008. The PUC assigned $4.93 billion of CREZ (competitive renewable energy zone) transmission projects to be constructed by seven transmission and distribution utilities. The project will eventually transmit 18,456 megawatts (MW) of wind power from West Texas and the Panhandle to highly populated metropolitan areas of the state.

The PUC is responsible for:
  • Regulating rates and terms for intra-state transmission service and for distibution service in areas where customer choice has been introduced.
  • Oversight of the Electric Reliability Council Of Texas (ERCOT) market, including market monitoring and ERCOT administration fees.
  • Adopting and enforcing rules relating to retail competition, including customer protection and the renewable energy goal.
  • Licensing of retail electric providers and registration of power generating companies, power marketers and aggregators.
  • Reviewing proposals for the construction of new transmission facilities.
  • Regulation of rates and services for integrated utilities

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